Scouting reports 2024


Cooper Beebee, IOL, Kansas State (Senior)

Back for the 2024 NFL Draft edition, The Trick Play team is once again offering to immerse you in the heart of the event through the scouting reports of Rayane and Valentin. Who will become the next gem of the pro world and who, on the contrary, risks a spectacular flop?
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Strengths :

  • Powerful
  • Capable of playing in multiple systems
  • Good vision and IQ
  • Footwork


Weaknesses :

  • Mobility
  • Balance
  • Sometimes throws himself
  • Potential


Cooper Beebee, the player whose decision to return for another season of college football was puzzling given his high stock last year. Today, I remain just as perplexed about Cooper's decision, as he hasn't notably progressed and thus "lost" a year for little gain, consequently diminishing his value. As you'll see in the following lines, the scouting report on Cooper is rather brief compared to others, simply because there isn't much to say or elaborate on regarding his game, as it is already solid.
To begin with, we must discuss one of the most interesting aspects of Cooper Beebee: his power. Indeed, he is powerful, a true mauler in the trenches (a term that could be translated as a fighter or warrior and describes players tough as nails who won't hesitate to dominate their opponents physically). Cooper is a big boy, and when he gets going, he can wreak havoc. He also possesses good lower body strength, allowing him to hold his own even against much larger opponents.
In addition to his power and warrior mentality, I believe Beebee is more than capable of playing in most offensive systems in the pros due to his strength and solid technique. While his mobility is nothing extraordinary, it is more than sufficient for operating in a zone run scheme. He is aware that he may not be the most athletic offensive lineman in the draft, but he compensates with good blocking angles, which is a positive attribute.
In addition to this, Cooper has good vision, allowing him to assist his center and tackle effectively when they are in need of pass protection. He also appears to have a good football IQ; it is not uncommon to see him make the right move or block choice on a screen pass play, even when the pass is delayed. It's always enjoyable to watch an intelligent player in action.

His footwork is also of very good quality. While there are some reps where his footwork is not ideal, overall it is really good. One point that particularly caught my attention when I started scouting him last year is that his legs are constantly active. The reps where he stops his legs can be counted on one hand, and this is a very important point.
If Cooper hasn't particularly progressed, it's clear that he hasn't regressed either. You'll see that ultimately he doesn't have any major weaknesses on the board.
As seen on the strengths side, Cooper Beebee's mobility is clearly not one of the highlights when talking about him. It's mobility that could be described as really average, and it's not something he can easily change even with a lot of work. 
Another point of concern is his balance. While Cooper Beebee typically plays with good balance, he sometimes gets caught off guard when he doesn't pay attention and puts too much weight forward in order to create movement.
Another point related to his balance and staying grounded while blocking is that when he's a bit late on a block due to his average mobility, Cooper may tend to lunge forward to disrupt the defender. I believe that both of these aspects could be worked on once he transitions to the pros because they could be detrimental if not addressed.
Finally, the question naturally arises given his level of performance stagnating over the past two seasons: Has Cooper Beebe already reached his ceiling? Because this question may partly determine where Cooper falls on draft night.
So where does Cooper Beebee stand for me in terms of value? It's complicated because Cooper is a player who, ultimately, is very solid all-around but doesn't excel in any particular area. That's the point that bothers me a bit with Beebee – there's no aspect of his game that seems elite, no game where my jaw dropped because he was so impressive. Similarly, there's no aspect of his game that made me cringe and bang my fist on the table because it was disastrous.
It's all the more disappointing not to have had that "WOW" effect watching his tapes because if there's one thing that's certain about Cooper, it's his consistency and the fact that he shows up in every game situation, albeit not at an extraordinary level. With that dazzling side, I have no doubt that he could have slipped into the first round given how solid his floor appears.
Given the solid floor he already has, I wouldn't have any problem targeting Cooper Beebee as early as the 2nd round, as he seems ready to step into an NFL offensive line and assume his role without hesitation. If I don't think he'll progress much further, I don't see that as a big problem given his current level. I'd even go so far as to say that if he manages to push his ceiling higher, then getting him in the 2nd round would be an even better deal.